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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 31, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the bay bridge toll plaza absolutely empty except for that long line of construction trucks you see right there. good evening, everybody. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. bay bridge construction is right on schedule according to caltrans this evening, and that is good news for the tuesday morning commute. let's take a live look at traffic around the bay area right now. on your left the san mateo bridge. on your right the golden gate bridge. traffic is a little slow going, especially on the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge looks good right there. it's all because of the detours in place because of the bay bridge closure. taking a look at our traffic map you can see the worst of the
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traffic is really near, it's sort of hard to see the the top of the of the map there, oakland the macarthur maze is slowing down a little bit. although much of it has turned to green. a little bit of slowing near the golden gate bridge as well and in various other spots. crews are hard at work around the clock. workers are busy striping the lanes, clearing the tunnel and paving both east and westbound spans of the new bridge. we're told demolition of that 1,000-foot section of the westbound approach will be complete by the end of the weekend. even with things going smoothly of course as we mentioned there's still a ripple effect on traffic. >> construction continues on schedule. the progress has been good. my itinerary today is hoping the demolition gets completed and then we start our major work. which is the setting of the bike p path. >> we want to remind everyone we are in what we call a maximum enforcement period for the labor day waeeekend. >> the reopening of the bridge is scheduled for 5:00 tuesday morning or earlier. stay with nbc bay area and nbc bay for continuing
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coverage. on the web we have your getaround guide during the bridge closure. there's a link on the top left corner of the home page that will hook you up with traffic maps, traffic cameras, and alternative routes. details on possible military action against syria. in a surprise saturday appearance president obama said the u.s. should take military action against syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons in an attack that killed hundreds. but he says he will give lawmakers a chance to authorize it first after getting little support around the world and certainly from protesters here at home. however, some lawmakers say they do support the president's decision. >> i am very, very glad that the president listened to bipartisan calls to come before congress and come before the american people. >> the administration is offering classified briefings beginning tomorrow for any lawmaker who wants to be briefed on the situation in syria. now that the president is seeking approval from members of congress we wanted to hear how our bay area representatives feel about military action in
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syria. nbc bay area's monte francis has spent the last couple of hours reaching out to our local members of congress, and he joins us from pleasanton with that part of the story. monte? >> reporter: well, terry, good evening. we're in the district of congressman eric slalom. he with spoke thoim about 45 minutes ago. the white house released this draft resolution, this is what congress will be voting on. and he said as it's written right now he would vote against it. >> the president's resolution as i have read it does not limit him from putting troops into syria and if that is the case i can't support it. >> reporter: now, swalwell, who just returned from a trip to afghanistan yesterday, says he doesn't want the u.s. to get drawn into another conflict in the middle east that would put u.s. troops on the ground. in the meantime, there were several protests across the bay area this afternoon. the largest was in san francisco, where about 100 people gathered to oppose military action in syria. much smaller protests took place in san mateo and san jose. u.s. senator dianne feinstein of
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san francisco, who chairs the senate intelligence committee, says she agrees with the secretary of state's assessment that the u.s. cannot let syria's attack on its own people pass without a "meaningful response." well, swalwell agrees there needs to be a response. but even though the president said earlier today he opposes boots on the ground in syria, swalwell doesn't like the draft resolution says the president can take any action he feels is necessary. >> what has been sent out by the white house contradicts the white house's own promise that they don't seek to put troops in harm's way or into syria. so i don't see why we can't just have a resolution to consider that starts with that and consider it from there. >> reporter: nancy pelosi appears to support military intervention. she released this statement yesterday that reads, "it is clear that the american people are weary of war. however, assad gassing his own people is an issue of our national security, regional stability, and global security." we have reached out to several other local members of congress.
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we hope to share their thoughts with you tonight at 11:00. live in pleasanton, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, monte. in oakland a hooting inside a jack london square nightclub killed one man. the shooting happened at about 1:30 this morning at club anton on 3rd street. people inside the club at the time say some sort of fight broke out and then gunfire. officers say when they got to the scene they found a man who had been shot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they have interviewed several witnesses but have not made any arrests. for the first time since the fire started near yosemite two weeks ago the smoke has reached the valley of the most popular tourist destinations there. we talked to people in the valley who told us this evening the smoke is so thick you can't even see half dome. also today we've learned the heavy smoke has forced fire officials to ground all firefighting aircraft because of low visibility. but there is some progress. evacuation orders have been lifted in communities north of the park. and some of the nearly 5,000 firefighters were allowed to go home over the weekend, including
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strike teams from here in the bay area. the fire is now about 35% contained and more than 200,000 acres have burned so far, making it the fourth largest wildfire in state history. speaking of that, let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. rob, what can you tell bus the weather, the smoke? what's going on there? >> we're seeing a much different view on the satellite from 24 hours ago. now the smoke instead of pouring toward the lake tahoe basin has been shifting south into the san joaquin valley. south of fresno. and as you mentioned, the low visibility at times has grounded those air crews and water drops on the fire today. but it's the spread of that smoke further south that is a real health concern for the san joaquin valley and yosemite valley. particulate pollution much smaller than the width of a human hair and when magnified 900 times you can see what it looks like in lung tissue. if you had asthma or respiratory issues and you have plans tomorrow, we have warnings through labor day in and routine
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yosemite valley. one other item to watch. we've been seeing some thunderstorms in the area south of yosemite in southern california. some of that moisture may be spilling closer to the bay area by this time tomorrow. that is one of the changes we'll see in the forecast that may try to toss some showers at us for labor day on monday. we'll talk about that in the full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. diane? >> see you then, rob. well, just 30 miles from the heart of the fire is the historic town of groveland. that's on highway 120. the main town on the way to yosemite from the bay area. that highway is shut down into the park this weekend. so that area that's usually packed with tourists on a labor day weekend is not. lakes, beaches, and businesses in the area are just deserted. >> the longer drive and all have certainly had -- we've had a lot of cancellations because of that. on what would be the start of labor day weekend, end of the summer, and a very, very busy time we just don't have it at
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all right now. >> she added there have been 130 cancellations since the beginning of the fire. >> next at 6:00, the story that will make you bay area proud. >> they need somebody to take care of them. and it gives us something to do. >> this is not really what you expect to see in most back yards, right? a couple takes their love of turtles to a whole new level. next.
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despite the fact he represented himself in court. naso sent a letter to the nbc station in reno. that letter dated the day before he was found guilty on four counts of murder. claims one of his alleged victims could have been killed by a pimp motivated by revenge. he also claims the oakland prostitute who was killed had "unknown enemies." naso points out other possible suspects in the two-page letter. he never o'proclaimed his innocence in the letter. the killings all happened in the 1970s and '90s in northern california. the penalty phase of the trial is scheduled to start wednesday in san rafael. police have arrested a man in connection with two homicides at a home in pinole. 25-year-old jeffrey flores was arrested at the scene near appian way early this morning and booked on two counts of homicide with a $2 million bail. identities of the victims have
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not yet been released. the investigation is ongoing. but police say it is an isolated incident. drivers are getting a better bang for their buck this year. nationwide the current average for a gallon of regular, $3.59. that's more than 30 cents cheaper than a year ago. here in san jose the average price for a gallon of gas, $3.80. a year ago it was nearly 40 cents more than that. aaa also says more drivers chose to drive to their labor day destination this is year, making the highways and interstates more crowded than ever. the first annual san jose bacon festival of america happening right now. >> how come you're not there? >> because i'm here. >> buzz you're here. the festival started at 11:00 this morning, goes till 10:00 tonight. features a bacon cooking competition, aw bacon beauty pageant, a bacon parade, a bacon square dance, and bacon games. the event is being held at the san jose bacon flea market on may bacon road.
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>> well, bacon's really popular these days. and we expect almost 10,000 people here today at the flea market. >> i'm here because i want a piece of bacon on my own waistline. >> it's fabulous. >> all bacon dishes, 5 bucks or less. >> so there. >> you can eat a lot. >> maybe during our dinner break. okay. a live look over a warm san jose this evening. still ahead, meteorologist rob mayeda will fill us in on how long this weather's going to stick around. also -- >> they need somebody to take care of them. >> the rescue of hundreds of turtles.
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so of all the things that could change the course of your life, an allergy to fur sort of sounds like an unlikely one. >> but that's exactly what led a castro valley couple down a very interesting road. well, that and a soft spot for some very hard creatures. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has their one-of-a-kind story. >> reporter: if there's one thing that is undeniably true about living in the bay area, it's that you never know what you'll find around the next corner. particularly if that corner takes you to the end of this castro valley cul-de-sac and the home of gary and ginger wilfong. >> are you guys crazy? >> yeah. yeah. >> he is. i'm not. >> she drove me crazy. >> reporter: bickering, it turns out, is one of two things that the wilfongs are very good at. the other -- taking care of this little guy. and these big guys.
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and absolutely every kind of turtle and tortoise in between. >> busting through the grass there. >> reporter: just how many live in gary and ginger's back yard? your guess is as good as theirs. >> when the gal from animal control was here counting, when she got to 115 she says i'm not going to count anymore. >> no, these guys will start showing in just a minute. >> reporter: gary says it all started with a single tortoise back in 1987. he had animals all his life, and when ginger developed an allergy to fur turtles made a lot of sense. ginger was soon on board as well. >> well, they don't talk back. they don't cause a ruckus. >> reporter: in fact, gary and ginger liked the turtles so much they couldn't helped collecting them. and when one needed rescuing they couldn't say no to that either. or the next one. or the hundreds upon hundreds that have ended up on their doorstep since.
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they are now a recognized turtle and tortoise rescue organization, accepting animals from around northern california and the world. >> the one out there is oscar. he came from africa in '87, '88. and boy, were his legs tired. >> reporter: it seems there is almost no end to the number of animals that need help and no end to gary and ginger's dedication to them. >> box turtles love water. >> reporter: caring for, feeding, watering, seven days a week. morning, noon, and night. every day of the year. never taking a vacation. never asking for help. >> it's just one little part of the world that we try and help. >> they need somebody to take care of them. and it gives us something to do. >> reporter: so yes, by their own admission, the wilfongs are crazy. and because of that, these turtles are lucky. >> that was garvin thomas reporting. and he tells me that you can train a turtle to bring your
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paper inside your house but by the time you get it it's yesterday's paper. it's a slow-moving process. >> that was very well done. thank you. let's check in with rob mayeda on the weather. what do you have, rob? >> we're seeing temperatures today running a little bit cooler than yesterday at the same time. highs stayed out of the 90s for almost all the bay area today. out toward livermore 87 degrees. sunol and pleasanton. those are a few spots that were near 90 this afternoon. 80 in san jose. weather watcher san jose 86 degrees. 65 in san francisco. and we do have a fairly healthy sea breeze getting into altamont pass and in through the debt ap right now. still hanging on to some ailts inland. those temperatures will begin to cool down thanks to the fact that 24-hour temperature change really shows you the influence of marine air into the north bay, east bay, and south bay valleys. quite a drop from yesterday's highs that did get as hot as the mid 90s on friday afternoon. winds cranking up to 24 miles per hour over toward fairfield. with the sea breeze should be perfect for the cal bears taking on northwestern tonight 7:30 game time. you'll see those temperatures eventually dropping through the 60s out there in berkeley later on this evening.
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you can see more clouds on the increase. as we go through the rest of the weekend you'll notice in san jose we do have the mid-level clouds coming in. and the more mid-level moisture you get in the atmosphere it does tend to add to extra instability. especially over the hilltops and mountains that help to lift some of that moisture up. these will be the likely suspects. isolated showers getting into monday. and the second half of the week we'll dry out and start to see the temperatures get back into the 90s inland. areas of low clouds starting to get back into san francisco. san jose mainly clear right now. and we'll continue to see high clouds at times coming in tonight. so patches of low clouds and above that this mid-level moisture coming up out of southern california. and as that comes -- interacts off this trough off the west coast, that may add a little extra lift to the moisture to wring out a slight chance of seeing a few isolated showers. notice during the day tomorrow south of san francisco now you're seeing those high clouds kind of filter the sunshine at times around the south bay. and then by tomorrow evening around the east bay hills, maybe around the santa cruz mountains,
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may see a brief shower or even an isolated thundershower could be possible out toward the sierra during the day on monday. so the time frame for this will be late tomorrow into early monday. then as we get toward tuesday as we watch the new span of the bay bridge reopen we hope on schedule, weather should be fine for that tuesday morning, with just some patchy fog. speaking of patchy fog tonight, 50s and 60s out there with some high clouds coming in during the day tomorrow. probably not as much sunshine as we saw today. even though the temperatures should be fairly close to today's highs. we'll see mid 80s inland, still that onshore breeze keeping the friday valley from getting too hot tomorrow. 67 in san francisco and low 80s across the north bay. more clouds on the way for tomorrow, and a slight chance of an isolated shower again around some of the coastal hills, maybe the east bay or north bay as we get into sunday night, monday, tuesday and wednesday. second half of the week we'll see those temperatures climbing up low to mid 90s. so some heat coming back. thursday into friday. and as we get into next weekend, just like we're seeing this
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weekend, some cooling coming back as you aploech next saturday. overall a pretty nice forecast but we'll keep an eye on those showers. >> i'm noticing a little tan going on there. >> that's courtesy of hapono beach on the big island. >> welcome back. >> good to be back. >> aloha. >> mahalo. >> we'll be right back. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. high speed internet. ah! woof! some things will. a 64-year-old swimmer from the u.s. set off again today for her final attempt, she says, to swim from cuba to florida. >> her name, diana nyad, and she expects to make the 110-mile swim in about 80 hours. she's tried this four times before to make the swim for the past few years but didn't make it each time, suffering either from xhaus chun or dangerous jellyfish encounters. this time she says she'll be wearing a protective mask and a mouthpiece to keep those jellyfish away. >> i think i have some luck in my favor with mother nature. and i'm ready and the jellyfish protection that we've spoken about, better than it's ever
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been. i think it's going to help me get through those animals. >> nyad will be swimming without a protective shark cage, though, but will be accompanied by support team. if she succeeds, she will become the record holder for the longest unassisted ocean swim. >> joining us is henry wofford, a member of that support team. and henry, best of luck with that swim. >> i'm going to have to call in sick that day. okay? there's no way you're going to get me to work. no way in the world. always abogood to talk to both you. the giants are down in the desert facing the d'backs in an nl west battle. highlights are coming up next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the champs are struggling, but they're not going down without a fight. the giants won a hard-fought game. 1-0 in their series opener with the d'backs last night. tonight they're counting on ryan vogelsong, who's coming off his best start of the season. out to the desert with giants and d'backs, mixing it up as we speak. giants 3-1 in vogelsong's starts this month. top of the first. hunter pence hits the swinging bunt single. bases loaded. next batter pablo sandoval. not good. flies out to center field. ending the threat. the giants don't get anything
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after loading the bases. bottom of the second, miguel montero loses the bat on a swing attempt, nearly hits bruce bochy in his head. bochy says are you kidding me? take a look at the reaction again. oops. move out of the way, boch. great movement there. he's like, hey, what's up with that, man? are you kidding me? yes, i am okay. good thing he has a small head, by the way. next pitch, montero goes down swinging with the bat. boch couldn't wait to get him out of there. right now d'backs are leading the game 3-0. in the fifth inning. 49ers made their final cuts today, getting their roster down to 53 players. among the players cut was wide receiver austin collie. in four preseason games the wide out had just five catches for 51 yards. san francisco also parted ways with 13-year veteran long snapper brian jennings. he said in a statement today, "in a very real way i learned to
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be a man while with the 49ers. molded through the preparation and performance of game day, completely tested while on and off the field, this game, this team and this group of men made me who i am today. end of quote. he with wish him the best of luck. over to golf. second round of the deutsche bank championship. tiger woods and phil mickelson paired together. tiger woods with his third shot at the par 5 7th hole. he told it to get down, and it did. he would birdie. 7 under par. mickelson the lefty round 1 leader scrambling on 11, showing off why he arguably has the best short game in the world right now. he would save par. but trouble on 16 for lefty. ball spins off the green. and uh-oh, it's going for a swim. he would double bogey. your round 2 leader is sergio garcia. second shot, number 13. garcia with the second round 64. he's at 13 under par. by the way, the oakland a's and
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rays just got under way at that game is scoreless. and the raiders trimmed their roster down to 53 players as well. former cal star and defensive end andre carter was among the players released and former stanford linebacker chase thomas was waived as well. much more highlights coming up tonight. a cal football game i heard about, something going on like that. i'm not for sure, but i'll try to work and get those highlights for you. >> it wasn't going to be your entire show. "giants club chous" house" is n. >> see you tonight at 11:00. from the broadcast home of the san francisco giants, nbc bay area presents "giants clubhouse." >> the home of the giants can take many forms including a different kind of pitch at at&t park as the guinness champions club brought noted italian clup juventus to face everton, an
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english premier league club based in liverpool. for the manager of the victorious side it was a tremendous eye opening experience. >> for my point of view it made me realize how difficult it is to get a home run on this ground. so i want to congratulate the team in the championship because it's harder than i expect. >> everton's american-born goalkeeper tim howard was also well aware of the giants' history at at&t park. >> barry bonds hit all those home runs into the water and i've been amazed at this place. i've admired it from afar. so it was really exciting to kind of play here and be a part of -- it was exciting. >> reporter: on the home of the giants, nbc bay area, i'm lawrence scott.


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